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TodaysArt Festival
21-23 Sept 2018
The Hague

352 clicks

Oneohtrix Point Never – MYRIAD

...but I wanna sell out to the man!

Confirmed Program

99 clicks

DJ Lag

So many assertions. So little evidence.

Club: DJ / Live Performances

33 clicks

Sarah Farina

This is what printers in hell sound like.


Hey guys I'm actually good


The other people are over acting.


249 clicks


Welcome to the future, where there are many different kinds of truths.

Performances, Concerts, A/V and Tech-shows

31 clicks

Woulg & Push 1 stop – Interpolate


Apparat (DJ)


By falsely accusing others of hate you're the one hating

Guy Ben-Ary – cellF

Dasha Rush

Transforma & Sascha Ring – Manufactory

Caterina Barbieri


Lanark Artefax